IVALO Tunturi Rusty Orange

199,00  sis. alv. 24%

IVALO Tunturi Rusty Orange – Men’s expedition parka jacket. This stylish parka jacket will keep you warm even on the frostiest days of the winter. The surface material of the jacket breathes and is waterproof. The wind list in front of the zipper closes with magnetic buttons, making sure that the cold wind doesn’t get through. The ribbing in the cuffs of the sleeves keep your wrists warm. The zipper is two-ended, which means that it opens from both ends. This makes sitting down with the jacket on easier. Inside the jacket, there is a breast pocket. The faux fur on the hood is removable. The pockets of the jacket are spacious and have and inside lining, keeping your hands warm, in case you happen to lose your gloves. The Tunturi-jacket is also available in size XXXL, which makes it a suitable winter jacket for larger men as well.