Changes & Returns

Terms for product returns and changes

The orderer has a 14 day right for returns and product changes. The right for changes and returns is only valid for unused products that are in a condition to be sold again Please send a notification about your change or return using the forms below. For a return the notification is enough and you don’t need to wait for a permission to send the products. Once the return is received and the products are noted to be in good condition and unused, the money return will be sent using the payment service provider. For returns from within Finland, we send a prepaid return document.

To make your return process faster, please attatch a note with your products stating your:

  • order number
  • date of order / reception
  • name
  • address
  • phone number

Address for returns:
Aihki Arctic Outdoor Oy
Mesikämmenkatu 1B, 15950 Lahti, Finland
Customer is responsible for the costs of returns and changes from outside of Finland.

Tilausnumerosi löydät tilausvahvistuksestasi.

We will send your new products once the old ones are received. In case of the products for your change are out of stock, we will process your change as a return and return your payment via our payment service provider. Please add your contact information and information about the products that you want to change to with your return.